Mitigating People Risk in Major Transactions (Part 1) – A Guest Blog by Paul Pittman

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Organizational culture – its importance can be overlooked, especially when other organizational matters are perceived to be more critical.  The following is a two part blog by Paul Pittman, centering around a situation where the cultural integration of two organizations was only considered late in the game, and how one individual mitigated the people risk… Read more »

The Competencies Global Leaders Need To Succeed

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The world has become flat again. Most of the organizations today have a global connection, even if they are not a “global” company. This means that leaders need to adapt to a different mindset and a way of leading that comes from the more traditional approach. Of course, the standard competencies hold… but here is… Read more »

Work Hard at Play and Play Hard at Work – A Guest Blog by Mike Lipkin

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Burnout and despair – each and every one of us has gone through it or have seen others go through it before.  In this guest blog, Mike Lipkin addresses the statistics around disengagement in the workplace and discusses how, based on the four core needs of people, we can boost a team’s morale and productivity…. Read more »

Calling All Leaders to Serve – A Guest Vlog by Robert Vallée

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While leaders concentrate on how to be impactful within their profession, there is a rising need for them to be just as impactful in their communities.  In this vlog, we welcome a call to action from Robert Vallée, whose expertise we highly value at MarchFifteen, and whose involvement in serving his community inspires us.  … Read more »

Teaching Leaders What to Stop – A Guest Blog by Marshall Goldsmith

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Marshall Goldsmith’s thought-provoking insights on leadership are highly regarded globally, earning him a title as one of the top ten Most-Influential Business Thinkers in the World.  While leaders work on what they need to do more of, what they need to do less of has the tendency to go unaddressed, and thus can hinder their performance and… Read more »

The Emotional Aspects of Family-Owned Business Succession (Part 3) – A Guest Blog by Pierre Gauthier

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This is the last of three blogs written for MarchFifteen by our Strategic Partner, Pierre Gauthier, President of Gauthier-Murtada and Partners. Pierre has a wealth of experience working with Family Businesses and is used as a trusted advisor by many organizations in this domain. We appreciate his insights here at MarchFifteen. We also know businesses and… Read more »

Surprising Developments In The Gender Gap – A Guest Blog by Sherry Cooper

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Often referred to as one of the most influential women in Canada, Dr. Sherry Cooper has a long list of accomplishments to her name, including being the first woman appointed Director of a Bay St. investment firm.  Recently, Dr. Cooper addressed “Surprising Developments in the Gender Gap” on her blog.  Although the gender gap in executive… Read more »

The Amazing Race Challenge – A Guest Blog by the Institute of Management & Innovation at University of Toronto, Mississauga

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Irene Wiecek, a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Associate Director of the Master of Management & Professional Accounting Program (MMPA) at the University of Toronto, Mississauga’s Institute of Management & Innovation, always believed that the program should not only focus on educating the future Accountants, but preparing the students to enter the workplace as well rounded members of… Read more »

Sharpen The Saw Of Your Sales Team

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At MarchFifteen we continuously keep on top of our clients’ business needs, listening to what is both said and not said.  Well, we have heard you, and naturally we are expanding our services to now include Sales Assessment and Development, led by our new Strategic Partner, Michael Ehling. Michael’s sales and coaching expertise in large… Read more »

MarchFifteen’s Three Year Anniversary Party

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On April 2, MarchFifteen celebrated its 3 Year Anniversary alongside an incredible group of partners, clients and friends.  As we have done in the past, we wanted this event to centre around a theme – one that came up often in conversation throughout the year, and would resonate with everyone.  This year our theme was… Read more »