Calling All Leaders to Serve – A Guest Vlog by Robert Vallée

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While leaders concentrate on how to be impactful within their profession, there is a rising need for them to be just as impactful in their communities.  In this vlog, we welcome a call to action from Robert Vallée, whose expertise we highly value at MarchFifteen, and whose involvement in serving his community inspires us.



Here’s a little bit more about Robert:

Our strategic partner, Robert Vallée, is one of the most exceptional effective presentation, speech and communication coaches in Canada.  For over 3 decades, Robert has delivered in excess of 5,200 presentation workshops for over 1,250 clients.  In addition to his extensive coaching practice, Robert is also making a positive impact by serving his community.  He has been a successful fundraiser for the Sunshine Foundation of Canada for kids who suffer from cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. As well, he is an active promoter of the Shadowpath Theatre Company’s events.

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