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MarchFifteen has always provided you with guidance on cultural and team alignment, as well as strategic planning, and you know the positive impact that results from these processes. This partnership further enables us to offer you extended services promoting an action-oriented culture, and making strategy implementation as tangible, transparent and quantifiable as financial management

Three out of four organizational strategies are never implemented

DecideAct offers a cloud-based strategy execution platform that can turn any strategy into action, helping your strategies walk the talk.

Think of it as a GPS for your strategy: it helps you and your team stay on track and reach your goals.

DecideAct on all devices

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Top-down Governance

DecideAct adds agility to your business so the Board and Executives can govern according to the strategy and instantly respond to changes.

The platform provides the user with a full overview of the entire organization’s strategic performance. It helps transform strategy into action and gives access to updated data in real time.


Access the entire organization through one dashboard


Extensive drill down capabilities


Easy overview of all commitments and initiatives

Bottom-up Engagement

Nine out of ten employees don’t know their company strategy or how to contribute to reaching their strategic goals. They are disconnected. DecideAct is designed with a “mobile-first” approach, enabling all users to know the strategy, carry it in their pockets, and update from anywhere at any time.

Using machine learning and gamification the platform motivates all users to succeed in accomplishing their strategic initiatives.


Personal dashboard


Automated follow-up & nudging


Simple interface to update personal initiatives

MarchFifteen helps you take your strategy execution management into the digital age. Our extensive experience combined with DecideAct’s excellent technical platform ensures that what matters most is executed properly and the organization can reap the intended benefits as expected.

Learn how MarchFifteen can help you reach your strategic goals using the DecideAct software. Fill out the form and we will be happy to give you a walkthrough of the platform.
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    DecideAct on all devices