Being Genuine…A Guest Blog by Jay Woo

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We are privileged to feature a blog written by Jay Woo, the newly appointed CEO and President of the CAA Group of Companies. Jay and his Team are truly committed to championing a culture of engagement and transparency at CAA. This is also a reflection of his personal values and beliefs and resonates in all… Read more »

Leadership – The Importance of Critical Thinking

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At MarchFifteen, we are passionate about executive assessments and leadership development. When talking about the importance of personality traits and motivating factors on leadership competencies, I often get asked “Do you also measure intelligence?” and my response is usually “Yes, but we don’t just measure intelligence, we measure critical thinking abilities.” Although intelligence might be… Read more »

Business Start Up’s – Do’s & Don’ts

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At MarchFifteen we advise family owned and independent businesses. We are also an independent business ourselves and the MarchFifteen Consulting entity is one of several that our partners have started over the years. So here are some start-up tips from the hard won experience we have had at our own firm. The hope is that… Read more »

How do you React to Change? A Guest Blog by Peter Aceto

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We are very pleased to share with you this week a guest blog post from Peter Aceto, the President and CEO of ING DIRECT Canada. Peter publishes a bi-monthly blog called Direct Talk with Peter Aceto He writes about Leadership, Management, Corporate Culture, Innovation and Customer Service. Follow Peter on Twitter @CEO_INGDIRECT We hope you will find it as refreshing and provocative as we did. Let us know what you think.

Thinking of Taking Your Leaders to the Next Level? Start Developing Them.

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As a follow-up to our last blog on leaders’ assessment, which should start every talent development process, we can now look at how you can actually develop your leaders. Although it is important to have right talent in place, you will need to invest in the development of your leaders, just like you would in… Read more »

The Pursuit of Significance – Guest Blog by Author Chip R. Bell

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  “No one can teach anyone anything of significance,” wrote the famed psychologist Carl Rogers in his classic book, On Becoming a Person.  This philosophy is the foundation of effective mentoring. I learned a lot of insignificant things in grade school.  Even today, I can name the capital of every state; I can tell you… Read more »

Thinking of Taking Your Leaders to the Next Level? Start by Assessing Them.

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Have you ever wondered where you would start to develop a leader? How do you even know what the leader’s strengths and weaknesses are so that you can help them to develop in the best way possible? How do you even start that conversation? If you have found yourself in a position of wondering about… Read more »

Meet the Artist – This Evening

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MarchFifteen’s Unique Approach to Business and Community  Presents an Inspiring Evening of Art and Sharing Featuring the work of Artists who see the world differently   “A good company delivers excellent products and services, a great company does all this and strives to make the world a better place.”  William Ford Jr., Chairman, Ford Motor… Read more »

Achieving Results

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Today, if we want to stay relevant in business, we are asked to constantly push ourselves to be the best we can be. To constantly demonstrate a laser sharp focus on our goals, standards for the quantity and quality of work produced both as individuals and as an organization.

How to do that and remain human? How can we maintain this high achievement orientation and not run ourselves sick with stress and fatigue?

The Power of Influence – Building Enduring Business for a World of Constant Change: Part II – The Primary Ingredients of Influence

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At MarchFifteen, we are fascinated by business literature on leadership and influence.  It is our role to have the most current business knowledge and awareness to best help you every day of the week. We recognize that there are many things that create influential leaders, and part two of this blog consists of a set… Read more »