I Quit The Boss, Not The Job

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When an acquaintance offered me a full time position within the company they owned, where I would work in several areas throughout the business, it seemed like a dream come true.  I had been looking for full time work and was drawn in by the chance to dabble in various areas of the business and… Read more »

Why Great Ideas Get Rejected

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They say that rejection fuels creativity. And when we are creative, we come up with some pretty great ideas. We share those ideas and then… they get rejected. It sounds like a never ending cycle of negativity and great ideas lost. So why do our great ideas get rejected? In this eye-opening Ted Talk, David… Read more »

Collaborate or Die

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“A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they are mutually accountable.” – Katzenbach and Smith, 1993. This is my favorite definition of “team”. It is the one that can be most broadly applied and, for us at MarchFifteen,… Read more »

Simplicity – Concentrating On Doing Less In Your Business

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As we reach our fourth Anniversary here at MarchFifteen and the third Anniversary of our Family and Independent Business Practice, we wanted to reflect on Simplicity – a common theme that has come up in conversations with our clients. My business partner Edyta Pacuk, President and Founder of MarchFifteen, did a fantastic speech and blog… Read more »

Simplicity – A Disciplined Approach To Less

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First, a heartfelt thank you to all who came by to celebrate MarchFifteen’s Four Year Anniversary. I just adore the sense of community we are building together, the energy, the buzz… Truly grateful for your generosity and conversations. Humbly, here is the speech you were asking for – I hope it continues to provide nods… Read more »

Where are the female voices in business? – A Guest Blog by Karen Wright

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India is amongst many countries that mandates diversity on Boards. With the deadline approaching many publicly traded companies are pushing to comply. So the women participation is increasing, but only on paper.   Today’s CBC News announced that many Indian firms found a creative way to address the issue by appointing women from their immediate or… Read more »

Collective Leadership for the Organization – A Guest Blog by Phil LeNir

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When I first heard Phil LeNir, co-founder of our beloved CoachingOurselves methodology, talk about Collective Leadership I was transported straight to my life in Poland, where the term was used by the Politburo.  So, you can imagine, my emotional reaction to the term was less than lukewarm. But when I heard Phil explain the term… Read more »

Strategic Planning: Demystifying the Complexity – A Guest Blog by Neha Kotak

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In this blog MarchFifteen Strategic Partner, Neha Kotak, shares an approach to strategic planning that will help you structure the process in an easy, defined and – dare we say it – fun way, solidifying your organization’s focus for years to come. We hope you find this post to be helpful, and as always, do… Read more »

The Allegory of Conflict: Managing collisions in the family business – A Guest Blog by Anthony Devine

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In this blog written by Anthony Devine,  deputy programme leader for the BA (Hons) accounting degree at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, we see three types of conflict that can emerge in family business: Relationship Conflict, Task Conflict and Process Conflict. If your business is encountering any of these, you are not alone. I hope… Read more »

My Life as an Imposter – A Guest Blog by Janet Morrison

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We are pleased to have Janet Morrison, Vice-Provost, Students at York University, write a guest blog for us on the “Imposter Syndrome”. Janet shares her experiences with this “imposterism” phenomenon.  She tells us the story of how she has been able to accomplish her goals, despite at times having to work through and use “the… Read more »