Collective Leadership for the Organization – A Guest Blog by Phil LeNir

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When I first heard Phil LeNir, co-founder of our beloved CoachingOurselves methodology, talk about Collective Leadership I was transported straight to my life in Poland, where the term was used by the Politburo.  So, you can imagine, my emotional reaction to the term was less than lukewarm. But when I heard Phil explain the term… Read more »

Strategic Planning: Demystifying the Complexity – A Guest Blog by Neha Kotak

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In this blog MarchFifteen Strategic Partner, Neha Kotak, shares an approach to strategic planning that will help you structure the process in an easy, defined and – dare we say it – fun way, solidifying your organization’s focus for years to come. We hope you find this post to be helpful, and as always, do… Read more »

The Allegory of Conflict: Managing collisions in the family business – A Guest Blog by Anthony Devine

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In this blog written by Anthony Devine,  deputy programme leader for the BA (Hons) accounting degree at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, we see three types of conflict that can emerge in family business: Relationship Conflict, Task Conflict and Process Conflict. If your business is encountering any of these, you are not alone. I hope… Read more »

My Life as an Imposter – A Guest Blog by Janet Morrison

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We are pleased to have Janet Morrison, Vice-Provost, Students at York University, write a guest blog for us on the “Imposter Syndrome”. Janet shares her experiences with this “imposterism” phenomenon.  She tells us the story of how she has been able to accomplish her goals, despite at times having to work through and use “the… Read more »

How to Become a Leader, Even if You’re Average – A Guest Blog by Vanessa Judelman

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“Well, some of us are born great, some of us achieve greatness and some of us get it as a graduation gift” – this is what the late Robin Williams used to say. But indeed, with the popular focus on the high potentials and future leaders, many organizations neglect the non-genius amongst us, leaving it… Read more »

To Your Health – A Guest Blog by Ann Dowsett Johnston

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Ann Dowsett Johnston, author of Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol, is the CEO of Pine River Foundation. Co-founder of the National Roundtable on Girls, Women and Alcohol, she is also an award-winning journalist and a founding member of Faces and Voices of Recovery.  A wonderful woman who has privileged us by writing… Read more »

Organizational Culture – What it is and how you might assess it

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“Culture eats strategy for lunch.” – Peter Drucker Organizational culture is a term that widely receives attention, yet one that may not be completely understood by many. This blog addresses the much talked about idea of culture and explains what culture is to organizations. It will help you start to think about your organization’s culture,… Read more »

The Quest for Simplicity

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The approaching holiday season, as always, puts me in a more introspective mood than usual. In preparation for the New Year l look back at the days gone, people met, events lived. The year 2014, for me, is marked by the Quest for Simplicity. My life, like the lives of many people around me, has… Read more »

Mindfulness: What is it really? – A Guest Blog by Meghan Kirwin

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Meghan Kirwin – Founder of the Kirwin Group is a remarkable woman, whose life mission is to make the world a better place. A fellow Kili climber, and a truly happy person, Meghan is deeply passionate and continuously studying the science of positive psychology. In this guest blog she focuses on mindfulness. A topic that… Read more »

Releasing the Transformational Power of Women in Leadership

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Releasing the Transformational Power of Women in Leadership. Slash that. Unleashing the Power of Women in Leadership. A blog by Edyta Pacuk.   I always feel privileged to be a partner of the Management Research Group (MRG) based in Portland, Maine.  This wonderful group of psychologists and statisticians has kept me on my toes since… Read more »