Pandemic Has a Negative Impact on Women in the Workplace

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From as early as when women first entered the workforce, there have been obstacles for them to navigate that are not present for their male counterparts. And the pandemic has added yet another barrier. It has not only negatively impacted working women, but affected the workplace itself too. Slice has summarized the findings of Concordia University’s… Read more »

“Through endurance, we conquer” – Ernest Shackleton.

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When Polar explorer Ernest Shackleton and his 28-strong team set sail on the Endurance ship in 1914, reaching Antarctica was the only thing on his mind. Unfortunately, the Weddell Sea had other plans for Endurance and the three-masted wooden ship crashed into the ice, forcing all crew members to abandon ship. The long and courageous journey that followed would not… Read more »

Empathy 101: Why Should Leaders or Anyone Care? – A Guest Blog by Patrizia Rothenberger

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With conversations on burnout and employee retention top of mind for many leaders, we wanted to share with you a piece by our dear friend, Patrizia Rothenberger, on the importance and impact of empathy. In this article, Pat beautifully explains this key component of our daily interactions and, even more importantly, highlights how to “do”… Read more »

We Are All Tired Of This Pandemic

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We are all tired of this pandemic. Many of our clients are dealing with some degree of PTSD or depression, and some are just done. Lately, I am even exposed to such “radical” thinking as “let us all as a family or company get COVID-19 and be done with it”. When our Minister of Health… Read more »

Thursday Thoughts: A Personal Business Plan?

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As we finish up the first quarter of the year and are in the midst of executing business planning – strategic plans, 18 month plans, first quarter plans, budgets – how many of us have made a “Personal Business Plan”? What would your strategic plan be for yourself? Or your 30-60-90? Imagine running your business,… Read more »

Ten Years of MarchFifteen: Celebrating and Reflecting on the Last Decade

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First of all, on behalf of the MarchFifteen Team, let me send you the sincerest thanks. To you, dear Partner, dear Client – Thank you! Thank you for helping us remain true to what we are. Thank you for pushing us to be uncomfortable and, by doing so, to remain relevant. Thank you for your… Read more »

An Idea for 2021

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The idea is simple… Get a jar. You might want to decorate it – here is a project for ‘21! At the end of each week, write down one good memory of the week on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. Thank you for this idea, Thorsten! Considering that 2020 is… Read more »

Do what you do best! – A Guest Blog by Helle Bundgaard

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As we enter the new year, we wanted to share with you a guest blog by one of our dear partners, Helle Bundgaard, Founder of Motivation Factor, on the motivating power of our personal talents (we all have them!). This past year has forced us to take pause and reflect on what is important to… Read more »

Thursday Thoughts: When a Woman Leader Realizes Her Worth

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When a woman leader realizes her worth, she becomes an unstoppable force. Unapologetic, unafraid, confident and optimistic – her presence commands pause, and her thinking shifts perspectives and direction. What can you do to realize your worth? Think about these 3 things: Know who you want to be and who you want to become. Be… Read more »

MarchFifteen Goes Digital on Strategy Implementation

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A strong, new partnership with DecideAct enables MarchFifteen to help you, our clients, with strategy implementation using a groundbreaking digital solution. We are excited to announce our partnership with DecideAct – a dedicated provider of a cloud-based Strategy Execution Management solution that simplifies and streamlines manual implementation and follow-up of strategies, helping companies and organizations… Read more »