Pandemic Has a Negative Impact on Women in the Workplace

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From as early as when women first entered the workforce, there have been obstacles for them to navigate that are not present for their male counterparts. And the pandemic has added yet another barrier. It has not only negatively impacted working women, but affected the workplace itself too.

Slice has summarized the findings of Concordia University’s research and notes that:

 “… women are 12 times more likely to leave their jobs to care for their family members, such as children or elderly parents.

The researchers also found that women were more likely to leave their jobs during the pandemic than men, and that this had a negative effect on factors like company culture, revenue and the global GDP growth. 

Similarly, women were also more likely to have lost their jobs during the pandemic, despite the fact that companies acknowledge that employing women brings benefit to business.”

The article goes on to explore “How can employers better support women in the workplace right now?” and highlights strategies that could help women through this period.

The full article can be read here, and as always, we invite you to share your thoughts, comments and observations with us.  

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