“We will not go back to normal. Normal never was.”

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    The post corona norm as being visualized is not Normal. It is a temporary normal. Humanity, civilization has evolved over hundreds of years to make us better, social and that is what keeps our fabric connected. We have definitely learnt in the last few weeks that we can do with less, use less. But if that becomes the norm, it disturbs the eco balance. Frugality is good and must but at an extreme level it becomes fanatic and could lead to chaos. For instance we are wowed by the images of lions roaming close to city life in South Africa. Today it mesmerizes as from a view that mankind being sheltered in home is giving the lions the opportunity to roam on the streets, but is that the norm we want or need?

    • MarchFifteen

      Yes, Nilesh. I love your thinking.
      “Normal” is just a setting on a washing machine – and it suggests a degree of control and predictability. The current crisis highlights our vulnerability and illusions under which we live. But this gives us a sense of certainty and stability that helps to move forward and not put our heads in the sand.
      – Edyta

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