Focus, Faith, Fun and Fortune

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Oh my goodness…. 2016 was a tough year for me. I am glad it is over, and look very much forward to a more positive 2017. But will it be?

Like for many of my fellow Boomer/Xers, on a personal side, a few fears have become a reality: aging and frail parents, son becoming independent, you look in the mirror and you see your mother… just to name a few. I have control only over a few of these things. What I can do is keep my positive outlook, so these “things” do not become burdens. Just facts of life that I can face bright eyed, and deal with them as well as I can.

2016 was also an eventful year for MarchFifteen. We celebrated our 5th year of existence and I am so proud of what we have grown to be. It has also been a tremendously successful year. Our service offerings are seen as relevant, our clients seek and respect the perspectives and innovation we bring to the table. We are recognized as trusted advisors and partners in our community. But it was not only rainbows and unicorns. At the end of the year I needed to take a distance from the comfort of our group and critically assess what it is that I personally want from MarchFifteen. This created some interesting conversations with the team and our advisors, and I am very happy with the changes to come. We are re-examining our value proposition, and we challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the curve. From that perspective, 2017 will be a great year.

Someone asked me (on Facebook of all places) what would be the word of the year for me. It seems some people choose a theme/mantra for their year, and they try to live by it for the next 365 days or so. This is a very interesting state of mind. The quest for simplicity is still on the forefront of my thinking. I find simplicity to be difficult to reach when there are so many moving parts in my life. I do want to reach this stage of fluidity and harmony with my surroundings, where things can remain uncomplicated and clean. To bring that to a more practical level I give myself 4 F’s this year: I want to remain Focused – focused on what matters, what I consciously judge worthy. I want to believe and have Faith, even when the data contradicts and the wind blows in my face. I want to keep the courage to lead, to do what I believe is right for my community, right for my family, right for my business, and right for me. I need to keep having Fun, to enjoy what I tackle, keep loving what I do, and mastering my craft, staying curious and growing. And, lastly, I want to be surrounded by Fortune. I want to focus on being happy and grateful for everybody and everything around me. And, I want you to be a part of this fortune and success.

Dear friend, this is my commitment for 2017. It is accompanied with the wishes of joy and happiness for you and yours. This wish is shared by the entire MarchFifteen team – May you find your Fortune. Have Fun. Keep Faith. Stay Focused on what matters to you. May it be a fabulous year.

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  1. Marion York

    Happy New Year Edyta and thanks for sharing……. we are on a similar path!


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