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Having done assessments for almost two decades, I’ve been surprised at the amount of people who have come up with similar questions and worries over the years. Realizing that it is stressful to go to an outside firm to get assessed as part of a selection process – especially for the first time – I decided to share some thoughts about preparing yourself for such an assessment.


A question or two about Selection Assessment …


I’m applying for a new job. How can I prepare for this Leadership/Potential Assessment I have been requested to go through?

Whether they are called Leadership Assessments, Management Assessments or Assessments of Potential, these assessments are designed to get to know you better. Employers who use professional firms to conduct these assessments are looking at getting unbiased and thorough information about your strengths, developmental areas, leadership and management style. They want to make sure there is a good fit between what you bring to the table and what they are looking for. The best way to prepare for such an exercise is to be yourself and be well-rested as it’s usually a fairly intense day.


What should I expect?

Your assessment day will vary depending on its purpose as well as the level of the position you are being considered for. Typically, it will take a full day and comprise of a variety of on-line questionnaires, an interview, an in-basket or case study and an interactive simulation. These various exercises are designed to allow us to observe you in different settings so that the assessor can get the most complete and accurate picture of your skills, drivers, personality traits and characteristics.


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