PwC 19th Annual Global CEO Survey

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PwC has recently published their 19th Annual Global CEO Survey. We are grateful to have obtained permission from PwC to share it with you. Especially since the results are fascinating!

Just a preview…

CEOs today are less confident about global economic and business growth prospects in these uncertain times. Only 35% of the surveyed Executives were very confident that their company revenues will grow in the coming year. Their business realities are seen to increase in both complexity and speed. The study revealed that CEOs felt they faced different threats now, as compared to those encountered in the past. Over-regulation was cited as the highest concern, with 79% of CEOs indicating this as a top preoccupation. Geopolitical uncertainties, social unrest, and cyber security followed closely after.

With that in mind, CEOs are commonly tackling the following issues:

  1. Addressing customer expectations – where capitalizing on technology, and using data and analytics are key
  2. Redefining their own success to meet the changing needs of the internal and external stakeholders – success is no longer defined by profit margins, but by serving a higher purpose
  3. Focusing on innovation to remain relevant and ahead of the game, and to reengage with customers and stakeholders
  4. Ensuring they have the right talent to meet the current and future demands of the business – over 72% of CEOs worry about the retention of people and the development of the right skills, and almost 50% are reinventing the way they go about leadership pipeline development

Overall, a well structured and clearly articulated report.  A definitive “Must Read” for this year.

Please download your own copy:

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