Mt. Everest – The Climb So Far

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My goodness what an experience! So humbling! Where to start … People of Nepal are real and beautifully gentle. The life they seem to lead is hard and honest.  Today we visited a hospital in Kunde, and the doctor running it told us that women walk 2-3 hours through the mountains to give birth there…stay a day or two, and then walk back home with the baby. I got tired just listening to the story!!

The nature around us is magnificent. Today we saw Everest for the first time, and it was breathtaking. Although I have to admit that Ama Dablam was more majestic…

We have done some pretty heavy trekking. And I was quite challenged with my ability to breathe. But, our guides are amazing. Their calm and encouraging approach helped me regain my rhythm and succeed.  It’s getting colder and tougher. Your best thoughts are welcome. I have another 10 days to go. Out of three very challenging days, we have one behind us. Number two coming in two days, as we gain another 500 metres in this already thin air.

Love to all,


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  1. Maria Milanetti

    Congratulations Edyta, I am sure the three hard days will be behind you before you know it! Maria xo

  2. Lida Hutchings

    What an amazing experience, Edyta! You are such an inspiration to all of us! MRG folks are sending you lots of love and energy to help you complete your climb!


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