Mt. Everest – The Climb So Far Part 2

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Hello Everybody,

Rest day here at Pheriche. There is now roughly 2/3 of the oxygen as compared to sea level, making breathing tougher, and fatigue is creeping in faster…

Our surroundings become proportionally more beautiful, IF I raise my head to see it when walking!!

Tomorrow our most challenging phase begins. We are trekking to Lobuche (alt. 4910), with a steep hike taking us over 700 m higher than where we are today.

On Easter Sunday we will reach Everest Base Camp! Just an additional 500 m… There our oxygen will be at 50%.

On the way back we will take a few hours rest at Gorak Shep, before summiting Kala Patthar at sunrise. I understand the view of Everest from the top is magnificent!

Our accommodations become more and more… rustic, the higher we get. We are now staying in a plywood lodge, but with the most magnificent brass locks!!! The rooms are not heated, so please imagine the acrobatics that go on every evening and morning to stay as warm as possible.

Last night my roommate woke up hearing mice in her snack bag. She bravely fought the bag with her trekking poles, to protect her beloved pop tarts!! Our laughter and banging probably woke up most of the guests (remember… walls of plywood). Please do not ask if we found the mouse…


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  1. Hubert Rau

    Congratulations on the ascent. Very few get a glimpse of ” heaven”


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