Do values really matter?

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Just in case the title was misleading… Yes, they do!

Organizational values are the foundation and essence of your organization’s identity. When properly implemented, they form the DNA of who you are as an entity. Values that are congruent with the core aspirations of your organization help to inspire actively living the purpose, and distinguish your business from others in your industry.

Your values give shape to your culture, influencing and determining the way you treat people in the organization. They have a phenomenal impact on the engagement of people in the workplace – impacting employee job satisfaction, involvement, and commitment.

If you have selected, brought to life, and implemented the right values, they become a fantastic tool to educate your existing and potential customers about what your organization is all about. From this perspective, values help you evaluate and distinguish between which customers and strategic partners are the right ones, and those that are not.

As you can see, your organizational values inform and help you make the right decisions. They have become an intrinsic recruitment and selection tool – allowing you to identify the people you need, and want to attract and promote. From the business perspective, values guide you in steering the strategic direction you wish to choose as an organization.

It is the way you live your values that shapes the brand your organization has on the street.

Values really do matter a great deal, and your role as a Manager and a Leader is to be the walking role model of those values, the culture carrier. You are the one who will make a difference, helping your business stand apart from the competition. They matter, these values. And it is your consistent attitude and behaviour that gives them meaning.


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