Development Assessment – Commonly Asked Questions

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As a follow-up to my previous blog series on Assessment of Potential in a selection context, I thought I would share some insights on when assessment is used as a development initiative, as this seems to be becoming more and more popular within organizations.


A question or two about Development Assessment …


I have been identified as a key talent in my current organization and have been requested to go through a Leadership/Potential Assessment… what if I refuse to go? My organization and my boss know me very well, they know what I can do, what more do they need to know about me?

This is a growth opportunity! You should absolutely jump on the chance to get an unbiased opinion about your leadership and management style, skills, and areas of development.  Although your skills are well-known within the context of your current role, what about future opportunities? How will your organization know that you are ready for your next role and what that next role can look like? An assessment of your potential, as well as your interests and motivations, will highlight different career opportunities, that you may not have even considered.


What if they find weaknesses they didn’t know I had?

Nobody is expected to be perfect! If you have been selected as a key talent, or as being part of a succession planning initiative, your contribution is already recognized and you are viewed as a high potential contributor. One of the key outcomes from clearly identifying your strengths and areas for development will be for you to learn to leverage your strengths in various capacities, and to be properly supported in the areas where you need development.


Follow this series on Development Assessment next week for more questions and insights…

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