Being Genuine…A Guest Blog by Jay Woo

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We are privileged to feature a blog written by Jay Woo, the newly appointed CEO and President of the CAA Group of Companies. Jay and his Team are truly committed to championing a culture of engagement and transparency at CAA. This is also a reflection of his personal values and beliefs and resonates in all his daily business decisions and actions. Please let us know your reactions.

Jay Woo On Being Genuine …

It was a bone-chilling cold afternoon on one winter’s day, 15 years ago.  A friend of mine was an eager beaver to break the surly bonds of earth so I took him soaring through the wild blue yonder.  Shortly after take-off, Air Traffic Control radios in to ask me to circle the area and tune into the emergency frequency to help locate an aircraft that had crashed.  As rescue aircraft were dispatched from Trenton, I was the only immediate aircraft in the area to help this downed aircraft communicate with rescue crews.  The importance of communications hit home for me that day.

I am reminded of this story as we put this month’s spotlight on communications here at CAA.  We have been successful as an organization so far because we communicate with a genuine intent to help one another achieve their goals.  Repeatedly seen throughout history, organizations who communicate well prevail over all others.  History has also witnessed people who communicate genuinely are the ones in greatest demand.  We are attracted to those who communicate with passion and who genuinely help others through open communications.

A common question that I receive from up-and-comers is, “what’s the main ingredient to success?” … perhaps the most fundamental ingredient to any successful career is communications.  Communicating is about reaching out to others in a genuine way and providing your expertise that helps everybody move forward.  Good communicators impart their knowledge while simultaneously creating an open environment that encourages others to speak.  Good communicators build environments that foster teamwork, and good teamwork leads to results … and the positive ripple goes on.


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