A Pause On Today…

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As I was walking through a downtown food court I was struck by the presence of many teenagers and remembered that today is Take Your Kids to Work Day.

I empathize with those of you who are accompanied by your kids because your day is most probably not going the way you had planned. However, kudos to you for doing this. A day such as Take Your Kids to Word Day has a significant meaning in the life of a young adult to be.  It is often the first chance for a young person to see their parent at work, and to get an impression of what a professional work environment is.  Sitting now on my couch I hear my colleagues reminiscing how wonderful or horrid their experience was and how it echoed in their choices moving forward.
Denise wrote a wonderful piece a while ago, which might be a good reread. Here is the link – http://www.marchfifteen.ca/how-to-make-take-your-kids-to-work-day-really-work/
For now – enjoy the juggling, the bad burgers, the soft electronic beeping of your kids game and the lovely sound of their laughter as they go through this day.

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