Development Assessment – Commonly Asked Questions – Part 2

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When the interviewer asks me what I want to do next in my career, should I just say that I want my boss’ job? That’s the next logical step, isn’t it?

Again, this is a growth opportunity for you, so be candid and truthful. Share honestly what careers opportunities are appealing to you and the ones you are not as interested in. Some people are interested in many different areas, and others are a lot more targeted in their interests. Ultimately, you own your development and your career path, so the more you know about what you want, the more focused you can be on developing what you need to get you there!


What if my assessment says I’m not ready for a promotion?

I firmly believe it is much better to know now, than after you’re promoted in the new job and you find yourself struggling unsupported, no?! If the assessment results highlight the fact that you are not ready for a promotion, you will know exactly why and where you have to focus to help you get there. Usually, following a development assessment, you will be supported in crafting a development plan that will help you fill the gaps where needed. And in the event that you are ready for that promotion, you will still get personalized support according to your combination of strengths and areas of challenges. You matter what, you cannot loose!


What is the benefit for me, really, to go through this exercise? What if I’m happy in my job and not actively looking for anything else?

The benefit for you is undeniable! You get an unbiased, professional opinion on your strengths and areas of development, and you get a day to reflect on your career. You can take stock of what you have done so far, where you are now and where you want to go next. No matter what happens after that, you will be more self-aware and in a better position to leverage your strengths and mitigate your blind spots, no matter what you choose or where you end up. And there is always that saying that I like to believe in “The devil you know is always better that the devil you don’t…”

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